Special Lithuanian Postage Stamp Catalogue (1918-2012)

SPECIAL LITHUANIAN POSTAGE STAMP CATALOGUE (1918-2012) - The Lithuania specialized stamp catalog
is the culmination of many years of research by Antanas Jankauskas.
The catalog is an essential reference material that covers extensive studies of Lithuania stamps (1918-2012), Local issues (Telšiai, Gardinas/Grodno, Raseiniai, Varviškės/Warwiszki), Ober Ost period, Central Lithuania, Klaipėda/Memel region, WWII Occupation (“June” issues), and Ostland period. It is an absolutely valuable priced catalog with detailed color illustrations and plating of the stamps and overprints. Readers will find information about postal stationery, IRC, perfins, postal tariffs, and other details of importance to collectors including a cross reference table for major stamp catalogs (Michel, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert and Scott). In addition to classic philately, this work also covers Displaced Persons camp issues, Promotional samples of various printing houses, and overprinted Lithuanian stamps sold in the US to finance the Darius-Girėnas and Vaitkus transatlantic flights.
496 pages, 6700 color illustrations, A4 size, hard cover, in Lithuanian and English. ISBN 978-609-408-183-5.
Collectors from the EU can purchase the specialized catalog for 68 EUR (registered mail included).
Collectors who live outside the EU countries can purchase the catalog for 75 EUR (registered mail included).
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The catalogue is intended for philatelists with an interest in the postage stamps of Lithuania. The text of the Catalogue is presented in Lithuanian and English (italic fonts).
The catalogue is specialised: many varieties of paper, colour, perforation, varieties of printing plates and plate errors of postage stamps and stationery are presented in it.
The catalog covers: Lithuania 1918-2012, Litwa Srodkowa, Ober-Ost, Memel, local issues (Telsiai, Grodno, Warwishki), WWII German occupation, DP camps issues, covers, post cards, etc.
The prices of the postage stamps are given in euros.
Format A4. 496 p. About 6700 illustrations. Weight ~1.75 kg.
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