Special Lithuanian Postage Stamp Catalogue 1990-2005

The catalogue is intended for philatelists with an interest in the postage
stamps of Lithuania. The main text of the Catalogue is presented in Lithuanian
and English (italic fonts). This is the third edition. The first edition was published in 1998.
Previous editions of the catalogue awarded:
a silver medal at the European Specialised Philatelic Exhibition in CYPRUS in 2002;
a large silver medal at the International Philatelic Exhibition in LUBLIN in 2004.
The catalogue is up-to-date with the latest information about new postage
stamps issued from 2002 to 2005, postal stationary, sheetlets and maxi cards newly discovered varieties, etc.
The catalogue is specialised: many varieties of paper, colour, perforation,
varieties of printing plates and plate errors of postage stamps and stationery
are presented in it.
The prices of the postage stamps are given in euros and are intended to represent
retail market prices.
There were many postage rate changes during 1990 – 2000. These changes in the postage
rates are presented in the table at the end of the catalogue.
There is a Michel, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert and Scott catalogue numbering table at the
end of the catalogue.
Format A4. 112 p.

Price - 10EUR
Postage (worldwide) included.

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