The philatelic club LITUANICA was founded in 1992.

"PhilLit" was the official bilingual (Lithuanian-English) "LITUANICA" club bulletin, issued 1993-2014.
The total number of issues - 63.
There you can find the latest information about new issues of Lithuanian Post, plans for future issues, cancellations, exhibitions, tariffs, etc.
A significant part of the bulletin was devoted to illustrated articles by club members: their new ideas about plate errors, perforations, watermarks, printings, cancellations, etc.
The other interesting theme in our bulletin was: LITUANICA - philatelic material of other countries concerning Lithuania, Lithuanians and events in Lithuania.
The main aim of the club - to assist club members in making contacts and sharing information between philatelists with a special interest in the Lithuanian theme: Lithuania, Memel, Litwa Srodkowa, German, Soviet occupation, etc.

It was a virtual club - members were from different countries: Lithuania, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, Great Britain and other countries.

The Club has a bilingual (Lithuanian-English) bulletin - "PhilLit".
For Club members copies of PHILLIT were for free.

Paskutinė informacija apie biuletenį "Phillit". / The last information about bulletin "Phillit".

Club founder - Antanas Jankauskas.